Organic Social

Dedicated. Data-driven. Digital Marketing.

Initial Audit

Organic media is more than chucking out a few posts and hoping for the best! It’s about creating a branded page that aligns with your business, think of your organic media as a second website. You want to ensure you have all the right branding from your profile picture to your bio, this is a chance to reach a whole new world of customers, so you need to have your best foot forward! We will review your current social media efforts to see which areas can be improved, creating graphic packs, cover photos and more unique content for you and your business. 


Tailored Monthly Content Plan

The method to the madness – we will create a content calendar for you to view, and to edit with the content plan for the month ahead. That way we can make sure we don’t miss any of your business events, plan out campaigns for new product launches or seasonal projects AND ensure we create a diverse set of posts to keep your audience engaged all year round. ORganisation and planning is always the key to good content! 


Social Posting

Every business is different, there are hundreds of sectors and thousands of ways to promote your business through posting. But not to worry! We have worked in every sector you can possibly think of and will create engaging posts that reflect your business. Working closely with you to ensure the posts are right.
We’ll quickly become an extension to your business, as if we were never not there to begin with, which will reflect in your posts. 



Creating and utilising a social media report will help us understand what works well for your business so we can tailor our approach to better engage your audience, propel your online presence and better understand your target audience. By tracking key metrics and trends, we can adjust the social media strategy to produce better results.


Staying In The Loop

Marketing always works best when communication is flowing! Both from our end and from yours. We always get the best results by keeping each other up to date through calendars, weekly emails and monthly team meetings to catch up! “communication is key” may be a cliche, but it’s also right on the money! We will keep you updated and organised with everything that we are planning and what we’re doing, and equally, we want to hear from you too! From product launches to events, we want to know the ins and outs of the day-to-day in your company. 


Ready To Get Started?

TReady to start your organic media journey? Make the most of the digital world and find an audience to engage with. After all, organic media is a free tool for your business so why not make the most? Let us help you skyrocket your organic efforts and improve your business through the world of media.