Website Optimisation

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Conversion Optimisation

Some websites are visually stunning, but the users can’t actually find what they need. It’s all too easy to develop a website which your internal team becomes used to not realising there are obvious customer journey flaws. These flaws plus broken links and code may only seem like small issues but they can cost thousands in lost sales and wasted ad spend.

Having a fresh pair of eyes thoroughly test your website every once in a while is an exercise worth having. Not only will we do this for you, we’ll present a detailed report of our findings and even offer to fix the issues we’ve found if it’s within our skill set. If beyond our skillset, we’ll recommend developers and specialists we’ve worked with previously to help you.


WordPress Maintenance

Run on WordPress? Need some digital cobwebs dusting off, content updates and a few tweaks here and there? We get it, when you’re running a business full time looking after your customers/clients it can often be difficult to find the time to look after your website.

Our in house team is available to provide regular maintenance, updates and bug fixes to your wordpress site with a super quick turnaround. Not only that but we can optimise your site to improve it’s load speed, shaving wasteful seconds off the customers journey between ad click to buy now!


Shopify Maintenance

Run on Shopify? Struggling to keep your product images, descriptions and collections up to date? We know the feeling! Our in house Shopify experts and help with all of your day to day upkeep needs.

Plus, since we manage multiple Shopify stores we’re great at finding the best apps and tech solutions to propel your site to the next level. From site automation, offer management and data integrations we’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirt… quite literally for some technologies. There’s not much we haven’t seen when it comes to Shopify so put us to the test!


Crawler Indexing

Everyone wants to be on Google, of course! The problem is that many sites are not optimised to allow Google’s crawlers to index the site easily. This is critical for any website to appear in search results and needs to be done on day one otherwise your site will miss out on valuable organic traffic and search impressions.

Although we’re not an SEO agency, we’re passionate about getting this right as we can’t bear to see clients go on without it being done properly. We will spend time re-optimising your site for Google’s search crawlers so all of your web pages are indexed within search results; without errors.


Fast UK Hosting

Budget hosts just don’t cut the mustard. We learnt the hard way with our own website back in 2014 after it crashed and lost our data. Since then, not only have we learnt from our mistakes, we’ve become a little obsessive to say the least!

We only offer hosting on our London servers with at least 2 CPU cores, 2GB RAM, 50 entry processes, unlimited SSD storage, weekly backups to AWS S3 and Cloudflare WAF & DDoS protection. Afterall, why spend huge budgets on ads only to drive traffic to a website running on a shoestring?

Now for the cherry on the cake! All of our hosting and maintenance packages are offered at cost. That means no markups, no profiteering. You just pay what it costs us to provide these services from our providers. Nothing more.