Our Chosen Charities

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Giving Back To Our Community

Giving back to others is at the top of our priority list!

We work hard to help businesses thrive in the digital world, but you can never give too much! We’ve chosen St Cathrine’s as our chosen charity, each month we donate to help people enjoy the best possible quality of life, to the end of life. St Catharines work tirelessly with patients and their loved ones at the hospice and in their own homes to help them achieve what is important to them in the time they have, working closely with those who are affected by life-shortening conditions like cancer, motor neurone disease and heart failure.

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Our Forests

At Ditly, global warming is always on our minds and the impact it will have on our later lives, our children’s lives and our grandchildren’s lives. Time has run out, the changes are already permanent and are already causing devastating extreme weather events.

We have to do everything we can to stop the clock on climate change and make good for the years of damage we’ve done to our planet. We’re only a small company so we acknowledge we won’t be able to do this on our own but we can make a contribution to the cause. That’s why every year we’ve set a target to plant at least 48 trees in areas that have been plagued with deforestation; but our aims are so much bigger than that. We want to plant forests!

Click below to view our two virtual forests where each virtual tree represents an actual tree planted in an area that needs it most.

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Ditly x Planet Patrol

We are THRILLED to announce our collaboration with Planet Patrol, a non-profit organisation dedicated to revolutionising how we address environmental issues through fun activities and people-powered data! 

Their global community of dedicated individuals is working tirelessly to monitor and protect our natural spaces and freshwater environments. 

At Ditly, we share their commitment to environmental conservation and are excited to join forces in this important mission!

Through Tiktok and Influencer Marketing, we are helping to encourage more people to sign up for their exciting clean-up events all around the world