Accreditations & Certificates

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Meta Business Partner

You want to know that you’re working with an agency that knows what they’re doing right? Especially when managing advertising budgets in the millions!

Well that’s why we’re an officially registered Meta Business Partner. We’ve undergone stringent and thorough checks by Meta and deemed that we know what we’re doing when it comes to advertising on Meta’s Facebook and Instagram social platforms!


Shopify Partner

Since the majority of our ecommerce clients run on Shopify, we’ve become adaptly experienced with working on Shopify’s front and backend. There isn’t much that we haven’t seen before when it comes to Shopify, from product and collection management, online store builds, app installations, customisations and data analysis.

We now offer Shopify maintenance and management as a service to our existing and new clients to ensure that they get the best out of the platform so that their ads get the best ROI. That’s why we’ve registered as an official Shopify Partner.


Google Analytics Qualified

Google Analytics (or GA as it’s known in the industry) plays a large part in tracking the success of our marketing efforts for our clients. So we need to be completely competent to take advantage of its tools.

Therefore, at Ditly, all team members have completed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification which is provided and assessed by Google. This ensures that each one of us knows the ins and outs of GA so that we can provide our clients with real-time relevant feedback on their data.


Google Digital Garage

A must for all marketers. The Google Digital Garage outlines the basics of online marketing. It’s a course that anyone in the marketing space should have completed at some point in their career. And that’s exactly what we stipulate at Ditly. Each team member has completed the full Google Digital Garage course at the start of their career in marketing.

This means that each of us clearly understands the core fundamentals of online marketing from the very beginning which we’ve each built on top of over the years.


ICO Registered

We understand that data privacy is important. Which is why we go to extra lengths to protect both our clients data and client customer data which you can read about on our Data Security page.

We’re officially registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK of which you can view our registration details on the button below.


ITIL 4 Certificate

ITIL 4 Foundation is a globally recognised, specialised qualification for people working with technology and in the IT sector. ITIL 4 introduces an end-to-end operating model for the creation, delivery and continual improvement of technology-enabled products and services.

Our director, Stuart Dunbabin, has completed and passed the ITIL 4 qualification after extensive studying. With it he brings the knowledge and expertise of technology and IT service management to Ditly.