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Unpopular Opinion… GA4 Isn’t That Bad! 😬

I get it though. Moving away from Universal Analytics to GA4 is like saying bye to an old friend for the very last time. 😢 But it has to be done! We’ve just successfully finished migrating all clients to GA4 since GUA will be sunset by Google in July 2023 giving our clients 12 months…
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Listen To Your Own Data…Not The Government’s “Advice”.

Last month I FINALLY convinced a client to increase their spend on Facebook ads… 💷 Yep, that’s right, INCREASE spend, despite the Government’s “advice” to reduce spending on advertising! Thing is, I’ve been asking for months, since we are consistently performing at around 86% OVER the target ROAS rate! However, the client was hampered by…
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What Is An Attribution Window – And How You Could Be Missing Out On £1000’s

If you’re selling something online then Facebook’s and Google’s Ad platforms are great tools to generate revenue at scale from targeted, personalised ads. In doing so, each platform tracks online sales with a piece of code which you install on your website. That piece of code can track a user seeing an ad, on Facebook,…
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