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How A Facebook Lookalike Audience Works & How To Create One

In this explainer video, I explain in-depth exactly How A Facebook Lookalike Audience Works & How To Create One. I use visual cards and pointers to help the explanation process in a clear and simple way that everyone can understand!


Google Cloud Next 19 – Everything You Need To Know | Highlights & Key Note

Here’s the long-awaited video of the highlights from Google Cloud’s Next 19 in London on the 21st November 2019.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Best Practices For Facebook Ads and Content

Here is everything you need to know from Facebook regarding Facebook ads and Content over Black Week, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Link to Facebook Holiday Planning Pack.


Black Friday Insights From Last Year… To Help You Win The Game This Year

In this video, I run through some key stats and figures for Black Friday last year to help you with your advertising strategy and plans for Black Friday this year and if it’s not currently in your plan to participate in Black Friday then I hope this video helps to convince you. After all £7 billion is up for grabs… how much of that are you going to take?


How To Build A Facebook Ad Funnel Strategy That Converts With A Small Budget

In this video, I explain exactly how to build a highly converting Facebook Ad Funnel using an evergreen strategy with a small budget or between £200 – £500 a day.

I run through the build of a Prospecting campaign, Retargeting campaign and Upsell campaign, explaining the audiences and adset targeting for each.

This is the perfect ad funnel for a small online eCommerce business which sells products or services.


What Is An Attribution Window & How It Could Lose You £1000’s | Facebook & Google Ads

In this video I explain what an attribution window is, the difference between Facebooks ‘attribution window’ and Googles ‘conversion window’ and how to change it so it works best for you and your advertising.


Facebook Makes CBO Mandatory & It’s A Game Changer

This September, Facebook is rolling out mandatory CBO (Campaign Budget Optimisation). This video answers the questions ‘What is CBO?’, ‘How to use CBO?’ and ‘How mandatory CBO will affect you?’


Facebook Value-Based Lookalike Audience VS Standard Lookalike Audience + How To Create Them

In this short explainer video, I demonstrate exactly how a Value-Based Lookalike Audience works and How You Create Value-Based Lookalike Audiences in Facebook’s Ads Manager.

If you’re not using Value-Based Lookalike Audiences already then you need to watch until the end of this video to see why you need to – right now!


Facebook Knows What YOU Want To Buy… Before You Do! Here’s how…

In this short video, I explain exactly what a Facebook Lookalike Audience Is & How It Works to understand what you want to buy before you even know yourself. I also explain how you can take a Custom Facebook Audience to seed a Lookalike Audience all within Facebooks Business Manager ad platform.


What Is WhatsApp For Business & How Is It Different From Personal WhatsApp

In this video, I quickly run through the 7 core differences between the free WhatsApp for Business app and personal WhatsApp on Android with WhatsApp for business coming to iPhones soon. I also explain exactly what WhatsApp for Business is and how it works and how you can download & install it on Android and iPhone.