Digital Marketing.

We're a digital marketing agency lead by data!

Organic Social Media

Organic media is more than chucking out a few posts and hoping for the best! It’s about creating a branded page that aligns with your business, think of your organic media as a second website. You want to ensure you have all the right branding from your profile picture to your bio, this is a chance to reach a whole new world of customers, so you need to have your best foot forward! We will review your current social media efforts to see which areas can be improved, creating graphic packs, cover photos and more unique content for you and your business.


Influencer Management

Influencer management involves the coordination, supervision, and guidance of influencer-driven marketing initiatives. This entails crafting influencer management strategies with the objective of ensuring that collaborating influencers consistently produce top-tier content aligned with your company’s objectives.
It entails maintaining regular communication with influencers to oversee the smooth progression of activities from start to finish!


Ad Content Creation

Content is king! However, that common strap line should be rephrased as not all content is king. In the age where 1.5 seconds is all you have to capture someone’s attention, only quality video content is king. Quality content vs bad content can be the difference between make or break for paid ads.

But… quality video content creation is hard! We get it! You need ads live and sales now and you don’t have the resources to dedicate a team to content creation. Well, we’ve got your back! We offer in-house content creation, from designing short videos for social ads or even HTML5 banners for Google display ads, it’s all just part of our service!


Email Marketing

Email marketing enables direct communication with your target audience, fosters trust, and offers cost-effective campaigns with valuable data insights for optimisation. By leveraging the power of email marketing, businesses can drive sales and ensure long-term growth.

We’ll analyse your strategies and provide tailored improvements to drive higher engagement and conversions. Elevate your business with effective communication and personalised messaging today.


Website Optimisation

Your website is your biggest ad. It needs to convey your brand, trust and how to convert all in 20 seconds or less. If it doesn’t your paid ads will suffer, driving down efficiencies, increasing your overall costs and diminishing your return on investment. No one wants that!

That’s why we offer a website optimisation service so our clients get the maximum potential from their paid social ads. We’ll analyse your existing website then either suggest changes to your dev team or make them for you if you use Shopify or WordPress.


Data Analysis

Overtaking oil, data is now the most valuable asset in the world. Without it we know nothing. Data defines the campaigns we build, the audiences we target and the creative we deliver.

Data tells the best stories and we love to listen. It tells us what’s working and what’s not, so we can make the best decisions to get the most from your budget. We’ll audit your ad accounts, produce detailed visual reports and forecast the future – no crystal balls in sight, just data!


Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure is vital for businesses, offering scalability, cost-efficiency, enhanced security, and agility. It enables rapid deployment of services, ensuring competitiveness and growth in the digital era.

Additionally, cloud infrastructure ensures disaster recovery measures, safeguarding critical information from potential threats or system failures. With reduced downtime, improved collaboration, and cost-efficiency, adopting cloud infrastructure empowers businesses to stay competitive in a fast-paced digital landscape and focus on their core objectives, driving growth and success in the long run.


Who We’ve Worked With

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Ditly In Numbers

We love visualising data, so here’s some top line stats for Ditly!

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Our Team

We’re a small team, and we like it that way. We believe we offer a more personal and dedicated service.

Stuart Dunbabin

CEO & Founder

Stuart started Ditly way back in 2014 as a hobby. In 2018 he left his full time job to launch the business. Since then he’s grown Ditly from humble beginnings to a full fledged digital marketing team helping brands across the globe gain visibility, increase ROAS and understand their data better than ever!


Matt Harrop

Lead Marketing Executive

Matt joined us in February 2021 to offer his treasure chest of skills. From paid social account management, website creation & optimisation to being our inhouse creative guy. Matt’s the go to person to give our clients that exciting new idea to propel their campaigns to the next level!


Phoebe Bird

Marketing Executive

Phoebe joined us in September 2021 to start her career in digital marketing. Since then she’s rapidly expanded her knowledge of paid social, data analysis and conversion optimisation. Phoebe plays a key role managing client accounts  and consistently keeping them up-to-date with fresh new ads!


Raigan Edmondson

Organic Social Executive

Raigan joined us in March 2024 to take care of our clients’ organic and SEO needs. Although new to the team, she’s rapidly improving our clients’ social platforms whilst we work on the ads! Raigan plays a key role in managing client accounts and consistently keeping them up-to-date with engaging posts, organic growth and much more!


Sophie Blinston

Marketing Assistant

Sophie started helping us during the BFCM season of 2023 alongside her University degree. She’s since proven herself to be a valuable core member of our team and has taken on more responsability managing client reports, influencer makreting and accountancy admin!


Buddy Dunbabin


Possibly our most important member of the team, Buddy spends his time ensuring everyone stays on track. He joins us for our morning meetings to help distribute tasks and keeps a close eye on Stuart to ensure he provides the best for our clients. Buddy also enjoys encouraging regular short breaks for treats and cuddles, to prevent overworking of course! 


Accreditations & Partnerships

To prove that we know a thing or two about digital marketing, we’ve asked some of the largest digital marketing platforms to vet us. If we meet their stringent criteria we’re accredited as official partners. So your brand is in safe hands.

But we don’t stop there, we’ve also completed specialised digital marketing qualifications, exams and gained certificates to prove our worth! There’s so many we can’t fit them all on our homepage so to check them out click read more.


Net Zero

Actually, we’re even better than net zero, we’re carbon negative. We have super low carbon emissions since we work from home with minimal need to travel. But we know that’s not enough.

Each year we plant at least 48 trees in areas that have been plagued by deforestation. Over their lifetime these trees will absorb over 24 times the amount of carbon that we produce per year; making us carbon negative. Click read more below to see why and how we do this; plus view our virtual forests!


Data Security
& Protection

We’re obsessive about data security. Your data is for your eyes only, we’ll never share or disclose metrics, brand specific learnings or customer data… ever. We’re always more than happy to sign NDAs as it’s in our core policies that client data is protected.

Since we all work from home we go to extra lengths to protect your digital data. Our devices are encrypted, data is stored centrally in a secure cloud, never locally, and our web traffic routes through an encrypted VPN.


St Catherine’s Charity

We at Ditly believe in giving back, and that’s why we donate to charity every month. 

Our chosen charity is St Catherine’s Hospice Care which is a charity focused on supporting the patients and families of those who are affected by life-shortening conditions and helping them to enjoy the best possible quality of life. 


Our Tech Stack

We use only the best, industry recognised tech to ensure we’re giving our clients the best service possible.