Data Analysis

Dedicated. Data-driven. Digital Marketing.

Account Audits

Have you set it and forgot it? Maybe you’re worried whether you’re doing the right thing or just want a fresh pair of eyes to look over your accounts? We offer either a half, full or two day account audit for any paid social or paid search ad account.

We’ll take a deep dive into your accounts, comparing metrics, campaigns, audiences and ads over the specified time frame. From this we’ll gather new learnings, develop forecasts and advise you on the best strategy to take so you can get the most out of your ads. After our audit we’ll present our findings to you in a detailed deck matched with a detailed report which you’ll receive a copy of. Contact us today to get started.


Live Data Dashboards

Data can be cumbersome, confusing and a huge time hog. We realise this at Ditly so every paid social or paid search client of ours receives access to a live 20 page detailed visual data dashboard powered by Google Data Studio and Google Big Query.

These dashboards breakdown and segment data in easy to digest visuals and graphs allowing you to see the ‘wood for the trees’ with ease. And with great data comes great opportunities to make decisions and make them fast (in real time actually).


On Demand ELT

Got data? Need it somewhere else? Need it transformed? We get you… because we’ve been there! Our on demand ETL (Extract, Load, Transform) service takes advantage of our in-house data geeks and specialist software to extract data from basically anywhere and to load it to somewhere else either in its raw format or transformed.

For example, Facebook ad data to Google Sheets, Microsoft SQL data to Google Data Studio or CRM data such as Pipedrive or Hubspot into Google Big Query. The possibilities and connections are endless so get in touch to see what we can do for you!


Data Storage & Backup

Data is the most valuable asset in the world. For many companies it’s their core asset or at least without it would be very hard to function. So is it stored safely and is it backed up? If data is stored in one location, how easy would it be to lose it all? Scary right!

We thought so too, which is why we’ve developed ways of storing and backing up data just in case the worst happens. Using cloud technologies such as Google Big Query or Amazon Redshift we can store your ad data in the cloud with multiple backups.