Data Security

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From day one at Ditly we’ve guarded our client’s data with our lives. We’re not the type of agency to discuss or share client metrics to win new work nor do we ever share our screens of one client to another. Data integrity is written into our DNA in our core policies, procedures and contracts.

Not only are we more than willing to sign NDA’s… we encourage it! Giving our clients complete trust and ease of mind knowing that their data is safe with us and our word is stone. The only time that we will share client data is if a client has agreed to partake in a case study of which they have complete control over what is and isn’t shared, way before it’s made public.


Encrypted Devices

Since we work from anywhere with an internet connection, usually our homes, we don’t have the traditional office security where our devices are locked away for the night. That’s why we’ve brought the locks to our devices. All of our device’s hard disks are encrypted with at least AES-128 encryption so if they were stolen or lost they’d be useless lumps of metal and glass without their keys.

To put that into perspective, it would take approximately 2,158,000,000,000 years for the fastest computer in the world to crack our devices. 200 times older than the universe. So, let’s just say, they’re secure!


Zero Trust Network

Since we work from anywhere with an internet connection, usually our homes, we don’t automatically have complete control over the network that we operate our business through.

That’s why we operate a Zero Trust Network. Think of it like a VPN but solely for our business. Our devices tunnel their network traffic through our Zero Trust Network where we authenticate and validate the traffic based on our own internal rules. This protects our traffic from anyone snooping on the network and also protects against threats of malware and ransomware whilst providing us with complete control.