Why You Shouldn’t Depend On Just Facebook Advertising.

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Facebook ads are great… but there’s one major problem with them!

It’s Facebook!

Due to its size, Facebook/Instagram (Meta) is the first target for inappropriate content publishing, scammers and privacy violators (Cough… Cambridge Analytica ?).

Because of this, Meta has some of the strictest and most powerful online censorship algorithms; and rightfully so! ✅

But due to the scale of what it has to deal with, the censorship algorithm often fires false negatives and can take down a legitimate ad, ad account or complete business in the blink of an eye. ?

Regaining access and proving to Facebook that you haven’t breached their policies can be a time-consuming and painful process, especially if you’re a small business without a direct account manager. ?

Couple this with the likely event that another GDPR/iOS14 ? is just around the corner, dependance on Facebook ads to drive revenue comes with a fair amount of risk.

So just like anything that brings risk… diversify! ? If 60% or more of your advertising budget is spent on Facebook ads then it’s a wise move to invest 10% into an alternative platform such as TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.

That small 10% investment will establish your account, collect data ?and build your brand on the platform. Most importantly, it will reduce your risk and dependance on Facebook. You’ll have a secondary channel primed and ready to go if Facebook ads stop working. ✅

Not only that, but you could tap into a completely different audience which you wouldn’t have otherwise reached on Facebook/Instagram.

*Note: Of course the other platforms have similar issues with false positive censorship but if you were running 2-3 platforms simultaneously it’ll give you that diversity to mitigate the risk of your ads going offline.