Why Retargeting isn’t dead…

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Retargeting Isn’t Dead!

Despite what you may be hearing about third-party cookies being dropped by Chrome this year, retargeting is long from dead. Here’s why…

You can still retarget GA4 audiences in Google ads since GA4 is first-party data, so make sure you have your audiences built and shared with Google Ads

You can still retarget ALL social activity on each respective platform such as your Instagram engagers and page followers with Meta ads

You can still upload abandoned cart/lead audiences to ad platforms providing you have consent in your privacy policy and opt-in, once matched to users you can retarget them

You can design interactive quizzes, suitability forms and questionnaires relating to your product/service to collect data about your potential customers and use this for demographic analysis and retargeting. (Again, providing you have consent)

If you need help with setting any of these methods up then don’t hesitate to reach out to us either on LinkedIn DMs or by emailing [email protected].