What do we do about third-party cookies?

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2024 is the year to sort your tracking out! Since Chrome is killing third-party cookies by Q3 2024; just in time for peak season, cheers Google!

So what do we do about it?!

Meta Ads

For Meta ads, you need to ensure you’re using CAPI or Conversion API either via a direct integration or by Meta’s CAPI Gateway solution. If you’re using the likes of Shopify then this is super easy to set up in a few clicks with the Facebook & Instagram marketing channel.

If you can’t integrate your systems with CAPI, for instance, an old CRM, then your final option is Offline Conversions either via a Zapier connection or a manual upload at the very least. This will give Meta the conversion data it needs to match against user profiles and attribute to your ads, but of course, make sure your privacy policy and opt-in reflects this.

Google Ads

For Google, you’ll need to enable either Enhanced Conversions for Web or Enhanced Conversions for Leads, or ideally, both since they each use a different data modelling algorithm for missing data. Again if you’re using Shopify then Enhanced Conversions for Web should be easy to enable in a few clicks.

If you’re not using a pre-built integration then you’ll need to pass the customer’s email and phone number into the data layer of the website and then pull it into the Google conversion tag with Google Tag Manager.

What about retargeting?

Look our for my next post on why retargeting isn’t dead even after Q3 2024!

If you need any help with any of the above or you’d like further information on what to do with other platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest then don’t be afraid to reach out!