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Google Shopping Is Now Free & How To Get Access

Yesterday, Google made an astonishing move by announcing that eCommerce companies will be able to list their products for free on Google Shopping. In a blog post published by Bill Ready, Google’s President of Commerce, he announced that in light of the current global pandemic Google will be “advancing our plans to make it free…
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A Marketers Task List When It’s Not “Business As Usual”

Purpose Of This Post – A Marketers Task List This post suggests a ‘Marketers Task List’ of things you can do to continue marketing your brand at a time when the business is either non-operational or unable to deliver its product or service. This can be used by marketers, business owners or anyone who is…
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8 Ways To Reduce Costs As A Marketer

During these difficult times, it’s become clear that some businesses are thriving (particularly those in the loo roll market) and others are having to temporarily close or reduce operations. Those who are closing or scaling down are rightfully looking at ways to reduce expenses to relieve strain on their almost stagnant cashflow. Well, here’s another…
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How The Coronavirus Has Changed Facebook Ads

Where Are We Now? Of course, you already know. We are tightly in the grasp of a global pandemic which is on an unprecedented scale. It’s real. It’s scary. And it’s having an impact on all of us. I’ve tried to stop looking at the numbers now, but I think it’s fair to say that…
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