Listen To Your Own Data…Not The Government’s “Advice”.

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Last month I FINALLY convinced a client to increase their spend on Facebook ads… 💷

Yep, that’s right, INCREASE spend, despite the Government’s “advice” to reduce spending on advertising!

Thing is, I’ve been asking for months, since we are consistently performing at around 86% OVER the target ROAS rate!

However, the client was hampered by the re-opening of the high street after COVID and then became hyper-aware of the #costoflivingcrisis so was understandably reluctant to spend more.

But the data was there! The products were in demand and the ads were churning out super profitable sales. We had to take this opportunity and so I had my wish granted and we scaled budget by 20%.

4 weeks later and ROAS is still over target and overall store revenue is up by 42%! 💰

Please don’t take the Government’s “advice”. Listen to your own data and make decisions on that.

Pulling back advertising spend during a period where you may need revenue more than ever could be one of the worst decisions for your business with long-lasting effects or even complete collapse.