Increase Reach with Facebook Ads – Databox Article

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Ditly was recently featured in a Databox article for “10 Ways For Increasing Facebook Ad Impressions and Reach“, this is our recommendation…

“To increase reach with Facebook ads, create a separate and independent ‘rate-limited reach campaign’. This is where you build a reach campaign, with a small budget and you limit the impressions per person per set number of days.

For example, 1 impression every 30 days. Then choose to deliver it to a super broad audience, ideally just the gender, age bracket and location of your target market – nothing more. Then release the campaign, you’ll reach a vast number of people but this activity is unlikely to drive direct conversions.

Simply use it to top up your ad funnel with fresh prospects by re-targeting those who engaged with your ads or clicked through to the site.”

You can read the full Databox article: 10 Ways For Increasing Facebook Ad Impressions and Reach here.