How Triple Whale Can Fill Your Facebook Data Gap Caused By iOS14

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Are you having difficulty tracking data in your Facebook ads since the release of iOS14? You’re not alone. The release of iOS14 has brought significant changes to how data is tracked and shared on the platform, and many businesses are struggling to adapt. One solution is to use a platform like Triple Wale. Triple Wale is a Facebook Marketing Partner that helps businesses track data and optimise their campaigns, even in the face of these new challenges.

So, how does Triple Wale track data in Facebook ads in the wake of the changes introduced with iOS14? Here are a few ways:

  1. Triple Wale uses Facebook’s API to collect data: Triple Wale uses Facebook’s API (Application Programming Interface) to collect data on ad performance. The API is a set of tools and protocols that allows Triple Wale to access and retrieve data from Facebook’s servers.
  2. Triple Wale aggregates data from multiple sources: In addition to using the API, Triple Wale also aggregates data from multiple sources, such as ad creatives and targeting data, to get a comprehensive view of ad performance. This can help compensate for any data that may be missing due to the changes introduced with iOS14.
  3. Triple Wale uses machine learning algorithms: Triple Wale uses machine learning algorithms to analyse and interpret the data it collects. These algorithms can help Triple Wale identify patterns and trends in the data, and make informed recommendations for optimising ad campaigns.

By using a combination of the API, data aggregation, and machine learning, Triple Wale is able to track data in Facebook ads and provide insights and optimisation recommendations to businesses, even in the face of the challenges introduced with iOS14.