How To Stop Gen Z From Making You Feel Old…

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If you’re a marketer and Gen Z are starting to make you feel old πŸ‘΄ then there’s a solution!

(No sorry, it’s not going to knock 10 years off your age) 😬

If you feel that you’re becoming out of touch with the likes of Snapchat filters, TikTok trends or what the latest Crocs fashion trend is then Voxburner has you covered!

I’ve been subscribed to their ‘Gen Z weekly briefing’ newsletter for a while now and it’s brilliant! πŸ”₯

Some recent short facts from them are:

⚫ 77% of Gen Z use TikTok πŸ“±

⚫ 88% of Gen Z can tell the difference between a filtered & unfiltered post 🀳

⚫ 82% of Gen Z don’t trust influencers to give an honest opinion on a brand/product ❌

⚫ 78% of Gen Z get their fashion inspiration via social media πŸ‘—

⚫ 75% of Gen Z would opt for a relaxing vacation over a party vacation πŸ–

Also fun fact, people born between 1993 and 1998 can be called Zillenials since they’re the buffer between Gen Z and Millennial and don’t feel that they fit into either.