How To Connect Search Console to GA4

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Did you know that you can get your Google Search Console metrics directly in GA4; in particular your organic search terms?!

It only takes two minutes by following these steps…

Open GA4 and click the “Admin” settings cog at the bottom left, scroll down through the property settings to the very bottom and click “Search console links”.

Click “Link”, then “Choose Accounts”, select your matching search console account, then click “Next”.

Select the matching web stream, which is usually your website and “Submit” the changes.

Finally, to get the Search console reports to show in your main GA4 navigation, Click “Reports”, then “Library” at the bottom left. Find the “Search Console” collection, click the three dots and “Publish”.

Now you’ll have a “Search Console” section in your navigation where you can view your organic search terms and traffic!

It’s that easy!