How To Blog Using Wordpress

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How To Blog Using WordPress

Many of our customers ask for simple instructions explaining how to blog with their WordPress site created by Ditly. Well, we thought we could fulfil their request and also publish it for all of our readers in the hope that it helps other WordPress beginners.

Please note this is a very basic, beginners step-by-step guide of how to post on an already built, hosted and established site. If you’re looking for help to build the WordPress site from the very beginning then drop us an email on the Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to supply a quote.

Firstly you’ll need to know your site’s URL, your username and your password.

  1. Browse to “” where ‘’ is replaced with your URL
  2. Log in with your username and password (if you’re a Ditly customer then these will have been supplied to you)
  3. Click on ‘Posts’ on the left
  4. Click ‘Add New’ at the top
  5. Enter a catchy (but appropriate) title
  6. Enter some text in the subject box
  7. Then to add a picture or video click ‘Add Media’, then simply drag and drop the picture into the site and click ‘Insert into post’
  8. You can make text bold, italic, centralised or different colours using the toolbar at the top – just like a normal word processor
  9. To change the size of the text, highlight it first then click the ‘Paragraph’ drop down and choose your heading size
  10. Once done, click ‘Publish’ on the right

What To Post…

Post high quality, easily readable and appropriate content which will keep your readers interested. This also helps to rank your site higher in search engine results – a single line post just won’t cut it. Also try and use a variety of content in your posts such as titles, bullet points, images, videos, links and embedded HTML they’ll make your post more interesting and search engines love it!

If you have any questions then feel free to contact us using the contact page.


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