Free Up RAM On Mac OS X In Terminal

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Macs are brilliant machines that have always been seen as a cut above the rest with high spec hardware and excellent “it-just-works” software they are the favoured choice amongst many hardcore business users. However, as they age that 4GB of RAM you paid extra for as an optional booster may not be enough to feed modern power-hungry applications such as After Effects and Parallels.

Luckily there’s a quick fix which can relieve you of some problems, it’s called a memory purge which can be actioned quite simply through the Terminal application as explained in the steps below. The purge basically clears out memory expected to be used again in the file cache by the operating system, however, this can clog up depending on the applications you choose to run.

Even though it is highly unlikely that you may damage any software or hardware during this process please note that all help and suggestions from Little Tech Doodle are performed at your own risk.

Step 1 – Open Terminal from Applications

You can find applications by clicking “Go” from the top Finder menu or by using the shortcut CMD + SHIFT + ALT. Then click “Utilities” then “Terminal”

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Step 2 – Type Your Sudo Command

When the terminal opens type the below command:

sudo purge

Enter your login password then hit return

(If you don’t have a password set just press return)

Help: Free Up RAM On Mac OS X In Terminal


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