Facebook is Removing Detailed Targeting

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Facebook is removing detailed targeting options on the 17th March!

What should you do?

Although this mostly affects sensitive audiences which are rarely used anyway, a few large non-sensitive audiences are also being removed. So what can you do to combat this? See the steps below:


Step 1: Switch to a similar audience

Facebook will automatically suggest audiences it believes are similar, however they’re not always accurate. You can use apps like Interest Explorer to find similar audiences to those which will be removed.


Step 2: Lean on your engagers

If you’ve been advertising for a while you’ll have amassed huge engagement audiences, these are people you’ve targeted in the past and who have responded so target them! For instance, FB page engagers, Instagram page engagers, video viewers and event engagers.


Step 3: Consolidate & Combine

Maybe you’re in a niche market and the audiences you have left to target are small. Combine them all into one ad set until your audience is at least 1M people. FB performs at scale and small audiences will only restrict the algorithm.


Step 4: Call Ditly!

These are just a few tips you can take but the list is limitless! We can help devise the best strategy across the best social platform for your business to drive efficiency in an ever changing and challenging space!


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