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Google Cloud Next 19 – Everything You Need To Know | Highlights & Key Note

So as expected the event was very much a Google styled event with all of the fixtures and fittings looking like Google had just bought everything that was green, blue, red and yellow from IKEA’s catalogue but it was really well put together and it was really interesting to walk around, there was never a…
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VANKYO MatrixPad Z4 10.1

Cheapest Tablet On Amazon! VANKYO MatrixPad Z4 10.1 Review, Camera Test & Specs

So this is an honest business review of the VANKYO MatrixPad Z4, which is currently one of the cheapest 10-inch tablets on Amazon in the UK. It comes in a fairly well-presented box and packaging. Straight out of the box you have the tablet, of course, then underneath you have a support card, quick set…
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5 Things The £1,049 iPhone 11 Pro Can’t Do But A £225 Android Can

6 years ago I said that in around 5 years laptops and desktop computers will be a niche market due to smartphones advancing in capability at a phenomenal rate. I said that we will get to a point where we will just purchase a phone, dock it to a screen and keyboard and that will…
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Best Drive Format For Multiple Operating Systems

Best Drive Format For Multiple Operating Systems So, you have a Mac at work, a PC at home and that old Linux box hooked up to the TV that you use from time to time (or some other scenario that makes you a cool, multi-skilled, super-awesome cross-OS user) but you have one problem. “Is there…
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Free Up RAM On Mac OS X In Terminal

Macs are brilliant machines that have always been seen as a cut above the rest with high spec hardware and excellent “it-just-works” software they are the favoured choice amongst many hardcore business users. However, as they age that 4GB of RAM you paid extra for as an optional booster may not be enough to feed…
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Smart TV Sticks Can Interfere With Your TV Signal

Unknowingly I recently discovered that Wi-Fi devices such as smart TV sticks can interfere with your TV signal when running the diagnostics tool on my LG TV. I had just purchased an Amazon Fire TV stick for the main TV and a Google Chrome cast for a TV in another room to upgrade our 4-year-old…
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A different view on the iPhone 7’s Headphone Jack

A different view on the iPhone 7’s Headphone Jack… Okay so the iPhone 7 has been released and as rumours suggested, it doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack built in. Many people have taken to the Internet to complain about this but I don’t share the same views. I believe Apple is often an easy…
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E-commerce Server Hardware Design & Implementation

E-commerce Server Hardware Design & Implementation In order to host a website from scratch independently, an SME needs a wide range of hardware and software packages and they will all need to communicate with each other. This includes multiple web and database servers with licensed software such as Microsoft’s ISS and SQL database, a load…
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What are Computer Systems?

Introduction Just 60 years ago computers were mostly unheard of and unused with only a handful in existence, they were large cabinets of wires and circuit boards that would often span the length of an entire room. They could only process very simple calculations and used an extensive electrical supply. In today’s world, we live…
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Computer Hardware Explained

Computer Hardware Explained Input Input devices come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and functions but they all share the same purpose. The input data gathered from real life that humans either see, hear or touch and convert it into digital data which the computer understands. For example, a scanner inputs an object, usually…
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