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Paid Social URL UTM Templates For GA4 Compatibility

Using UTM parameters on your landing page URLs across your social ads is critical if you want to compare the performance of your campaigns in other platforms such as GA4, TripleWhale and CRM systems. However, there is some confusion when it comes to using UTMs as GA4 groups traffic by channels and knowing which UTM…
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Why Snapchat Ads Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Are you considering adding Snapchat to your marketing mix but not sure if it’s worth the investment? Here are a few reasons why Snapchat ads may be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy:  1. Snapchat has a large, engaged user base: As of 2021, Snapchat had over 280 million daily active users, with a…
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Major Google Cloud Outage: Takes Down Snapchat, YouTube, Uber & More

As of 22:57 BST Google’s Cloud Compute service has been having issues for over 2 hours 30 minutes. This is a significant outage since large online services such as Snapchat, Uber, Vimeo, Shopify, Google Drive, Gmail, Discord and CrunchyRoll operate on Google’s Cloud Compute services rather than their own. So forth, these companies and their…
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