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Computer System Comparisons – Micro vs Mini

Micro Vs Mobile Although Micro Computers and Mobile Computer are very similar in the characteristic that they only ever serve one user they both have their positives and negatives which enable them to excel in different environments. For example, a video editing company would more than likely choose to supply its editors with high-end, high-performance…
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System Specification For A Photographer and Why It Is Important

Hardware CASE – ZALMAN Z3 Plus Midi-Tower ATX/Micro ATX Case I selected the Zalman case for it’s multi-purpose use to house both an ATX and Micro ATX form factor motherboard, this gave me a greater choice when choosing which motherboard was best for my client. It’s also reasonably priced and well designed. MOTHERBOARD – MSI…
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Website Purposes, Needs & Server Design

Website Purposes The internet has grown exponentially over the past 30 years to a point where almost any book, any film, any image, any video, any product and any piece of information can be found and accessed online. It’s the lifeblood of our modern society and we’ve become reliant on it. So forth, website purposes…
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Top 6 Favourites From The Gadget Show 2016

Top 6 Favourites From The Gadget Show 2016 The Gadget show was another great success this year with hundreds of companies exhibiting all of the new tech they had on offer! This is a rundown of my top 6 favourites from the gadget show 2016! Tesla Tesla was out in form at the show this…
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