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Soon We Will All Be Served By Bots... And It's Our Own Fault

Soon We Will All Be Served By Bots… And It’s Our Own Fault

Put simply. Our demands are too high. From working with businesses across a wide range of sectors over the years I’ve seen consumer demands and expectations soar to extreme levels. We expect professional services to be complete in days, deliveries in hours, email responses in minutes and live chat messages in seconds. But can we…
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Major Google Cloud Outage: Takes Down Snapchat, YouTube, Uber & More

As of 22:57 BST Google’s Cloud Compute service has been having issues for over 2 hours 30 minutes. This is a significant outage since large online services such as Snapchat, Uber, Vimeo, Shopify, Google Drive, Gmail, Discord and CrunchyRoll operate on Google’s Cloud Compute services rather than their own. So forth, these companies and their…
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Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp

Why The Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Message Merger Is A Good Thing

A few days ago it was released that Mark Zuckerberg has intentions to merge Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger and WhatsApp. The current headlines have led people to believe that Facebook wants to merge all three apps into one monopolising social media app, however, this is not the case. Facebook simply wants to create one standard…
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Global Impact Of E-Commerce On Society

Global Impact Of E-Commerce On Society Introduction We used to live in a world where consumers went to the high street in order to gather all of their shopping needs, from food to clothes, to electrical, to hardware and everything in between, but over the past ten years all that has changed due to the…
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Best Drive Format For Multiple Operating Systems

Best Drive Format For Multiple Operating Systems So, you have a Mac at work, a PC at home and that old Linux box hooked up to the TV that you use from time to time (or some other scenario that makes you a cool, multi-skilled, super-awesome cross-OS user) but you have one problem. “Is there…
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Free Up RAM On Mac OS X In Terminal

Macs are brilliant machines that have always been seen as a cut above the rest with high spec hardware and excellent “it-just-works” software they are the favoured choice amongst many hardcore business users. However, as they age that 4GB of RAM you paid extra for as an optional booster may not be enough to feed…
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How To Blog Using WordPress

How To Blog Using WordPress Many of our customers ask for simple instructions explaining how to blog with their WordPress site created by Ditly. Well, we thought we could fulfil their request and also publish it for all of our readers in the hope that it helps other WordPress beginners. Please note this is a…
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Smart TV Sticks Can Interfere With Your TV Signal

Unknowingly I recently discovered that Wi-Fi devices such as smart TV sticks can interfere with your TV signal when running the diagnostics tool on my LG TV. I had just purchased an Amazon Fire TV stick for the main TV and a Google Chrome cast for a TV in another room to upgrade our 4-year-old…
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A different view on the iPhone 7’s Headphone Jack

A different view on the iPhone 7’s Headphone Jack… Okay so the iPhone 7 has been released and as rumours suggested, it doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio jack built in. Many people have taken to the Internet to complain about this but I don’t share the same views. I believe Apple is often an easy…
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E-commerce Server Hardware Design & Implementation

E-commerce Server Hardware Design & Implementation In order to host a website from scratch independently, an SME needs a wide range of hardware and software packages and they will all need to communicate with each other. This includes multiple web and database servers with licensed software such as Microsoft’s ISS and SQL database, a load…
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