At Ditly we’re masters of fixing stuff!

Dedicated. Data-driven. Digital Marketing.

Here’s just a few things that we’ve completed over the last 30 days:

✅ Fixed a Meta Pixel tracking issue which another agency couldn’t.

✅ Built custom GA4 reports in Looker studio so clients can see data that they had in UA.

✅ Created custom GA4 events in GTM so a client can track content interactions ⏯ alongside their conversions.

✅ Built and launched a simple website in 1 day to save a client who had lost theirs, including their backup.

✅ Migrated 150+ customer subscriptions (manually) from a Woocomerce site to a Shopify site since the clients web designer wouldn’t.

✅ Configured a fully functional ERP/MRP using Katana so a client can process orders in the cloud; ☁ not on paper

✅ Established a data Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) connection from a clients CRM into BigQuery so we can report on the data.

Oh, and did I mention our day-to-day job, you know of managing Meta, Google, TikTok and Snap ad accounts maximising ROAS and driving down CPAs!

Nothing fazes us anymore. Have a problem? Challenge us!