6 Virtual Team Building Ideas For Remote Teams

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As we at Ditly all work remotely from home, we introduced ‘Fun Friday’ to our Friday morning calls and since then we have taken it in turns planning different team-building activities. Here are a few of our favourites so far…!

1. MBTI Personality Quiz 🤷🏼‍♂️

The MBTI quiz reveals which, out of 16, personality type you have! Your MBTI type will explain how you react to situations and how you communicate & interact with others.

Some of the things it tells you include; if you’re introverted or extroverted (and the % of each) and whether you’re a thinker or a feeler. The free ‘16 personalities’ quiz online gives you a series of statements with scales underneath from ‘Agree’ to ‘Disagree’.

After answering the extent to which you agree or disagree with each, the website will reveal what personality type you are. We thought this was so fun to complete and see what our results were! Once you’ve all completed the quiz, you can go to the Personality Database online to see what celebrities (and fictional characters) share your MBTI types!

2. Song Trivia 🎶

We used a Song Trivia website to play this and created a room so we could play together from our separate laptops. You can select the genre of music and then will all hear a clip of the song before having to choose the artist or song title.

Alternatively, Sporcle has quizzes where you have to fill in the artists of popular songs. For example, one week we all had a go at trying to fill in the VH1’s 100 Songs (80s edition) and typing the artists that had sung the songs.

3. Dumb Ways To Die 😵

This was a game that I had played a lot with my friends in high school and, after finding the browser version, I thought this would make a good Fun Friday idea. The game features lots of little games where you have to keep your character alive in different scenarios; from being hit by asteroids to being eaten by a bear. We all played this on our separate laptops to see who would get the highest score and therefore win!

4. 2 Truths & A Lie 🤨

This was one of the first Fun Fridays we did and it worked really well because we got to learn some weird and wonderful facts about our colleagues! Everyone has to reveal three statements about themselves, only two of which are true, and the other team members have to try and guess/ work out which is the lie. This works best when all the options are slightly unbelievable or crazy.

5. City Guesser 🌆

For this one you could use a website (like we did) or one team member could compile some images from different places and the other people have to try and guess where those pictures were taken. The website we used showed us a first-person clip of someone walking down a street in a random city and we had to guess where that city is. We selected our guess on the map and it then showed us how far our guess was from the actual location where the clip was filmed in.

There are also options to narrow down the options to the US, Europe or even famous monuments! We did this as a team with one of us sharing our screen and all of us trying to guess together where the video was filmed. Alternatively, you could play against each other to see who guesses closest to the correct answer.

6. Murder Mystery 🕵️

This was another good one for team building and getting us to think outside the box. When we did this, we used a website that gave us different short scenarios and we had to try and work out how the person died from the information given. Alternatively, you could use a YouTube video or create your own murder mystery scenarios!