Month: August 2023

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How To Connect Search Console to GA4

Did you know that you can get your Google Search Console metrics directly in GA4; in particular your organic search terms?! It only takes two minutes by following these steps… Open GA4 and click the “Admin” settings cog at the bottom left, scroll down through the property settings to the very bottom and click “Search…
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How To Exclude Brand From Google PMAX Campaigns

Google’s Performance Max Campaigns have a tendency to cannibalise both organic and paid brand search terms. This can cause you to lose control of costs and even unnecessarily overpay when your brand appears organically. Google has recognised that advertisers weren’t too happy about this so have now enabled a way for us to exclude our…
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How To Edit Default Channel Groupings In GA4

We previously reported that you couldn’t edit the default channel groupings in GA4. So if you have custom source names from UTMs, such as “Meta”, this would be grouped as “Unassigned” rather than “Paid Social”. Well, now you can change that. Kind of. Whilst it’s still impossible to edit the default channel groupings in GA4…
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How To Easily Create Custom Reports In GA4

Most people find GA4 more difficult to use than Universal Analytics, especially when trying to drill down into the data for more specific metrics. Well, with a bit of knowledge on how to make simple custom reports, you can quickly turn GA4 into the perfect reporting tool for you. Since there is an unlimited number…
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