Month: July 2022

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Why You Shouldn’t Depend On Just Facebook Advertising.

Facebook ads are great… but there’s one major problem with them! It’s Facebook! Due to its size, Facebook/Instagram (Meta) is the first target for inappropriate content publishing, scammers and privacy violators (Cough… Cambridge Analytica ?). Because of this, Meta has some of the strictest and most powerful online censorship algorithms; and rightfully so! ✅ But…
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Listen To Your Own Data…Not The Government’s “Advice”.

Last month I FINALLY convinced a client to increase their spend on Facebook ads… ? Yep, that’s right, INCREASE spend, despite the Government’s “advice” to reduce spending on advertising! Thing is, I’ve been asking for months, since we are consistently performing at around 86% OVER the target ROAS rate! However, the client was hampered by…
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