Month: May 2020

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Force All External Links On Shopify To Open A New Tab

The Problem With External Links On Shopify I manage and build a fair number of Shopify sites, and recently I was stumped by a client request which seemed so simple. They wanted all external URL links on their Shopify site to open up a new tab/window so the session remained open on the user’s device.…
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Add Google Tag Manager To Shopify Without Editing The Theme

If you need to add Google Tag Manager (GTM) to Shopify but are unsure about editing the theme, or maybe you don’t have the permissions, then there is another way. Just go to your Shopify store > Online Store > Preferences > Scroll down to the “Google Analytics” Section > Paste the code below into…
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Royal Mail Post Box: UK Mainland Postcodes For Woocommerce Shipping Rates

UK Mainland Postcodes For Woocommerce Shipping Rates

Ecommerce shipping can be a nightmare! Different areas have different costs; the highlands cost more than the mainland, anything on an island is crazy expensive and then there’s Northern Ireland to account for too. Usually, the way to set these varying costs in eCommerce platforms like Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce is by splitting shipping…
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