Month: January 2020

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Facebook Makes CBO Mandatory & It’s A Game Changer

So lets first explain what Campaign Budget Optimisation, CBO for short, actually is but to do so we first need to talk about budget optimisation in general. For those who don’t know, budget optimisation is the practice of moving budget from poor performing ad sets to higher performing ad sets so you are always maximising…
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What Is An Attribution Window – And How You Could Be Missing Out On £1000’s

If you’re selling something online then Facebook’s and Google’s Ad platforms are great tools to generate revenue at scale from targeted, personalised ads. In doing so, each platform tracks online sales with a piece of code which you install on your website. That piece of code can track a user seeing an ad, on Facebook,…
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Black Friday Insights From Last Year… To Help You Win The Game This Year

Everyone by now knows that Black Friday is a crazy day of the year and most of us are familiar with the videos of people pushing each other out of the way just to get a good deal on the latest 4K TV. However, realistically that doesn’t happen any more as over the past few…
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Google Cloud Next 19 – Everything You Need To Know | Highlights & Key Note

So as expected the event was very much a Google styled event with all of the fixtures and fittings looking like Google had just bought everything that was green, blue, red and yellow from IKEA’s catalogue but it was really well put together and it was really interesting to walk around, there was never a…
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How Facebook Lookalike Audiences Work

Facebook’s advertising platform is arguably the most powerful and targeted advertising platform out there. Its vast database of billions of data points on all of us, even those who don’t use Facebook, can be utilised to create extremely targeted ad campaigns.   Of course, this has received a fair amount of scrutiny in the media…
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